Food Service

CFS prides itself on delivering high-quality food and first-class service at low cost and no hassle to correctional facilities. We carefully monitor our compliance with local, state and federal health regulations and sanitation standards and guarantee that all meals are balanced, nutritious, properly prepared, and delivered on time.

At each facility we serve, an experienced and qualified team of CFS supervisors works full-time managing all food operations onsite. Consultant dietitians help design food service plans tailored to meet each facility’s unique needs. We accommodate special diets, respond actively to input, and are prepared to adapt menus extensively.

When a facility decides to switch its meal provider to CFS, our expert managers plan and execute an efficient transition program to ensure there is no disruption to food service or unnecessary costs incurred. What’s more, we inventory each new kitchen we enter and reimburse the Sheriff’s Office for all items therein. CFS goes the extra mile to serve our clients’ interests, because that’s simply the way service should be.

Commissary Services

CFS has perfected the commissary system for correctional facilities. We offer a broad and fully customizable menu of quality, name brand products in on-site stores and on portable kiosks engineered for maximum security and designed to encourage impulse buying. Our secure means of selling items directly to inmates requires far less hassle and yields far more sales and thereby commission than the bagged delivery method used by other vendors.

All of our stores and carts are equipped with computerized registers that perform real-time wireless data transfers with 100% accuracy. This cutting edge technology allows store operators to simultaneously handle commissary sales, deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions (such as medical charges, indigent disbursements, release checks, and electronic phone card inventory) and makes it impossible for inmates to overdraw on their accounts. See the Inmate Trust Fund tab for more details.
CFS provides commissary operators with extensive training, an on-site supervisor, and ongoing marketing and product support, because investing in employees saves future hassle and increasing sales increases commission for our clients. We service our carts and stores frequently and offer customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These reasons and more explain CFS’ reputation for providing an unparalleled level of personalized service.

Inmate Trust Fund

To complement our commissary service, we built into our store and cart registers a banking system that streamlines inmate finances in order to simplify jail management and maximize commission. CFS’ Inmate Trust Fund (ITF) is a leading, secure and reliable software package. Performing real-time wireless data transfers with 100% accuracy, this application makes it possible to handle any number of transactions--commissary sales, deposits, withdrawals, medical charges, electronic phone card inventory,  indigent disbursements, release checks, etc.--simultaneously, all while preventing inmates from overdrawing their accounts. ITF is fully auditable and has an exemplary track record. Detailed receipts are printed with every transaction, and all data is automatically and continuously backed up to an offsite storage server.

ITF is user-friendly and guaranteed to enhance facility efficiency. Time-saving features include batch entry of inmate deposits, check issuing and processing, automatic transference of debt related to prior bookings, and automatic collection of debt upon deposit. Report Sniffer is an application feature that can run a search of inmate records to determine who has outstanding debt, has had no cell assignment for “x” number of days, or is up for a new electronic phone card. ITF also lets users know which inmates are indigent and which items they are eligible to receive, as well as whose commissary privileges have been restricted and how. Other customizable reports can be generated and alerts set at no additional cost.

We’re proud of our proprietary technology, so we take every effort to help our clients maximize its potential. At no cost to facilities, our engineers integrate ITF with existing jail management software and train all relevant personnel to use the application. CFS takes responsibility for all ITF hardware and software maintenance and offers technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.